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Recent projects

Ongoing projects

Kosovo Sustainable Development Week – KSDW – 16 – 22 September – KSDW is the first event of its kind in Kosovo and the region which brought together the Government of Kosovo and different representatives to discuss on issues related to sustainable development, whose design is being done by our side for the second year.

Breast Cancer – Novela Softener – 01 July – 31 October – This campaign has been announced by our client Zog & Zog LLC, whose design is done by our side, to raise awareness of the disease and to raise funds so that this product can have an impact on women`s lives.

Protax – Till the end of the year – Protax, whose animations and TV add are being done by our side, is a project whose goal is to raise awareness in people to pay property tax.

Skilled Workforce for Economic Integration – SWEI – October – `Skilled Workforce for Economic Integration`whose animation is done by our side, is a project that increases awareness of youth for self employment.

European Council – Ongoing – We`re doing the animation for the Financial Intelligence Unit of Kosovo which is a national institution responsible for requesting and receiving information which concern potential money laundering and terrorist financing.